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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lots crammed into one weekend.....

Wow we have been busy this weekend....Friday night we went to Family Night in the Park. Many Church camps had the University as their destination this last week. They went around to various churches (ours included) and ministered/performed this past week with this night in the park being the finale so to speak. There was a bouncy castle for the kids', snow cones, face painting, Frisbee and bean bag toss as well as some wonderful skits and music. Most of the teens played an instrument and the rest sang or helped with the booths. It was great and the girls' loved it! Then Saturday we slept in, had a good breakfast, picked up the house, painted our toes, baked cookies, and watched a few movies....nice quiet relaxing day which was wonderful. As for today we were early to church WOO HOO....had a wonderful lesson in Sunday School, good church sermon on fear as a strong hold, then we came home and changed clothes. The oldest two and I headed to Taco Casa for lunch....really I just needed some tea, just kidding. Then we did some running around ending in a stop for a few containers of ice cream for our after dinner dessert. We came home and had our family bible study...out of James and Mark today. I also read to the little girls' about Noah and the Ark today. We cleaned up the house....I actually got in a nice hot shower before everyone beat me to the hot water. Now I am finally winding down and it is time for some shut eye. Tomorrow a new week begins and it is gonna be another busy one WHEW!

Mood: Tired
Music: None
Weather: Thank the Lord for night time and cooler temps.
Dinner: Stroganoff, Green Beans, and Baked Potatoes

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  1. That sounds like a sermon I needed to hear! Lisa~


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