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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something I am praying about....

We have a young man who has become apart of our family over the last couple of years....I affectionately have deemed him "the boy" (see scrolling pictures for pic of KK and "the boy" dressed up for prom). He is KK's very best friend! He wants to pursue a calling to youth ministry. To that end he and another young man from our youth group are headed out this Sunday on a 9 month "walk about". As I understand it they will be doing this through Camp Eagle (KK has been a camper there as well as worked there last summer....wonderful christian youth camp). They will use the camp as their home base over the nine months. They will take care of sporadic campers, field trippers, and take plenty of ministry classes. They are also gonna travel around (one place mentioned was Oklahoma) and help build churches. We prayed over these two young men that the Lord would guide them in this journey this past Sunday. I told him that he should know how he is like family now because I gave him a hug and cried. Two things that those that know me can attest to being a big deal with me ;) The girls' and I had a picnic lunch in the park with him on was nice to get to say goodbye with some good lunch and fun. He gets to come home at Thanksgiving and Christmas so we have invited him to come visit us while he is home. He and KK have been interested in there being more than friendship between them for some time. They recently sat down and discussed with this new path being chosen that they would write (and I am sure text) and just hang on to their friendship and see where the Lord leads. I think that this is a very wise and mature decision on both their parts. He is in a single parent home....(his mom is such a sweetheart)with an older brother who just recently got married (to a lovely young woman-they are headed off to pursue youth ministry in California)so he has been living as an only child for a while now. I think being around our family with there being so many of us plus the fact that he has been a volunteer for some time at Love Bug and Diva's enrichment program (he is fabulous with little kids'-my girls' adore him) makes him live vicariously through our family. He was my helper for VBS and did a fantastic job....I really think he is going to be a wonderful youth minister!!!! I am praying that the Lord directs his steps (literally and spiritually) during this time. That he and the group doing this stay safe. Most importantly I am praying that the Lord help them with the work they are going to be doing to bring others to know the love of Christ. Please join me in praying for these missionaries on the homefront.

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  1. I just now got the time to sit and read this whole post thoroughly. I am kinda sad/kinda thrilled for the boy. I am so glad he has you all to see what a loving family looks like with a father in the home. Your hugs and tears to him when he left were surely a sign to me of how much you love him. Lisa~

  2. He is a great young man....I feel like the Lord blessed K with his friendship but he blessed us too!!!! Thanks for reading and re-reading it cause I didn't realize how long it was ;)


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