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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Lovin' Had Me a Blast......

Just had to use that as my title as my Grateful For Grace friend now has it as my current ear worm. What was my best memory of this HOT summer? Wow, picking one is going to be hard since this has been a busy and fun filled summer here at our house. We have taken several day trips to Six Flags, many trips to the pool and river, as well as bunches of park days too. We love to picnic in the park after church with Dad during the summer cause we aren't rushing to get ready for a new school week. If I have to pick just one I think I will go with Family Movie Night in the Park. This year the movie's on the list were Charlotte's Web (2006), Curious George, and The Apple Dumpling Gang. We had to miss Curious George...that was fine as we had already seen it. I only got to watch parts of Charlotte's Web the first time around so it was nice to be able to sit through the whole thing this time around. The Apple Dumpling Gang was released the year before I was born. I had never seen it, it was too cute. KK and "the Boy" went with us to the first one {see our pics below}, and then last night it was Love Bug, Diva, and I. They show the movie at 9pm so it is too late for Busy Body to join us. She was out cold by 8:15pm so she would have been very crabby!! So it worked out great...the girls' were surprised it wasn't an animated movie. I told them how great their movies are now and the fact that they are geared towards the whole family wasn't something that was as big back then. Man....I feel old just typing all this lol! In one way I am sad for the summer to end, but of course in many ways I am excited for the new school year to start too. We had Wildcat Orientation on Wednesday night for Diva and Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday for Love Bug. I requested Diva's teacher from 2nd grade and we got her YAY!!!! She is the sweetest teacher any of them have had thus far....she is so loving and good with the kids'. Diva ended up on the same "team" (there are so many sixth graders they teach in teams) that KK was on and even has some of the same teachers too. We were able to walk to each of her classes so she will feel more comfortable the first day. She even gets a locker this year....she is way excited. All new school supplies, back packs, shoes, and some "really cute" (as she would say) new clothes too. HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL Y'ALL :)

As for our day today.....
Had some yummy oatmeal and coffee for breakfast, got the house picked up, did some laundry (all caught up again YAY), just had some pasta for lunch, and now we are thinking it is time to relax and maybe play a board game in a bit.

Mood: Just relaxin'
Weather: Pretty and Bright out
Music: None
Dinner: Beef Loin, Salad, and Squash

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