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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday....

Ten (there are more for sure) Things I am Grateful For:

1. A heavenly Father that loves me and every hair on my head!!!!!!

2. Summer is coming to a close....Yay for back to school!

3. Older girls' that are such good helpers around the house.

4. Being able to get things done and relax the afternoon away.

5. The Lord bringing a man into my life that is sweet, funny, loving, a fantastic father, and my very best friend in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. A church family that lifts me up and encourages me daily.

7. The ability to be a stay at home/ home school mom.

8. The Lord using Diva to bring our whole family back to church.

9. The wonderful friends the Lord has put in my path over the last several years.

10. My girls'....they each bring something new and interesting to each and every day!

Mood: head is congested
Music: None
Weather: Bright and Sunny
Dinner: Turkey breast, corn on the cob, and stuffing

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