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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Friend who keeps me in stitches....Happy Birthday Sara (you really are the best)

I have some of the greatest friends on this planet and yes I am biased.  They lift me up, encourage me, pray for me, and well they get me out of the house ;) ;)  Monday I knew I was going to be in San Antonio all day. Plus we have several other things that go on Monday evening, so when my girlfriends started planning an impromptu girls' movie night out to celebrate Sara's birthday (which is actually today) I was sure I couldn't make it.  I let our friend Lisa know in an email I wouldn't be able to come.  Then a separate email circulated with secret plans to throw the party in the kiddie party room to thoroughly embarrass Sara were hatched.  Things like this with this bunch of ladies are just so much fun that I immediately wanted to go.  Now I am realizing KK has choir practice, Diva is supposed to be going to her standing Monday night dinner date with her "Big", and DH won't be home in time for me to attend.  Then as the minutes passed it became clear Diva's "Big" wasn't gonna show so between her and Grandma I could go YAY.  I grabbed up the present I had thought I was just going to drop on her doorstep today and off I went. We all put bows in our hair and squealed at her like little girls'.  It was hysterical!  We ate the best cake I have ever tasted, made by the birthday girl herself and then it was preview time.  The movie (Love Happens) wasn't what I thought it was gonna be but, it was still good.  After the movie we headed to Cracker Barrel for a late dinner and I believe everyone at the table had to have their hashbrown casserole....YUMMY.  We talked about things that girlfriends do....what happens at the table stays at the table ;)  I laugh till my sides hurt when I get together with these ladies and they make my heart feel good too.  I have to learn that "I can't make it" is a statement that I just shouldn't even think when it comes to get togethers with my friends.  Simplpy because the Lord blesses me every time I am with them!!!!!!  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my funny friend....Happy Birthday to you.  Hope your official day is great and eat some pasta for me too :)


  1. It's good that you could go..your a good friend to her and deserve as much fun as you can handle!

  2. Awe - THANKS girl. Hope I didn't make you mess your pants when I "swung in" to Krispy Kream the other night... It's just not right to live without ever having tasted a KK donut hot off the line! Truly, as Tim Hawkins says, like eating a baby angel...

  3. Y'all are awesome! I am dreaming of those donuts even when I am awake ;) KK says she's next since she has never had one either!


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