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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Glory of Fall....

This is my favorite season!!!!  I love the cool temps, the gorgeous colors, and the comfort food and baking this time of year inspires!  I get to decorate in my favorite decor colors for the last few years and of course the holidays roll around which is always nice.  There seem to be more reasons to get together with my wonderful friends and somehow I craft more!  I am gonna heat up the kitchen today with the smells of an applesauce cake...can't wait to break out my fall decor hopefully this weekend!  I start gearing up our annual christmas cards and craft to go into them at this time as well, usually an ornament for my friends from myself and my girls'.  I also have at this point been putting away christmas presents for the family.  I have all that organized and know what all I need to put on a list to pick up here and there between now and christmas time.  Can't wait till all the leaves fall so we can go out and play in them.....something the girls' and I try to do every year.  Happy Fall Everyone!!!

Mood: Rested
Music: None
Weather: Gorgeous 75 degrees out
Dinner: Not totally sure yet...thinking turkey casserole of some kind
Exercise: (M-F) Walked 3 miles today
Random Thought: Why am I just getting blemishes now at my age?....arrrrgggghhhh

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