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Sunday, January 17, 2010

There is SO much going on around here.....

Let me start with a disclaimer:  My family is in the middle of whatever real lesson the Lord is trying to teach us. So how I feel at the end of this journey may very well be totally different than how I feel while in the frying pan right now so to speak.

There is a good hour each day that every emotion I could think about having comes at me all at once.  Other than that hour I am unbelievably calm....mind you the person I was say even five years ago would not respond to all this stress in this way.  The person I am today KNOWS the Lord has my family in his embrace, he loves us, watches over us, and has great plans for us.  That being said here is the low down....our landlord hasn't been paying our mortgage for at least six months to a year while pocketing our rent money.  I believe he had something happen that made him take the wrong path thinking he could get back on track before anyone noticed.  In my heart I know he is a sweet man with loads of physical issues...therefore instead of feeling anger towards him I am sad for him and find myself praying for him a lot these days.  That too is a far cry from the person I was years back!!!  Thank you Lord for growing me and letting me see things totally different than I used to.

On Friday the 8th, the bank that now owns the house sent someone by to let us know that if the paper work had reached his desk our house was then in foreclosure.  Mind you this was after an exterior water pipe had burst in our yard with no way to reach the landlord except the cell phone number he wouldn't answer.  Also after we had to carry water from the tub because water in our pipes was frozen and took all day to thaw and come on.  Also our heater comes on only the couple of times a day it wants heaters have become our friends.  Needless to say I was way annoyed but, I think the Lord carried me through the day so when that man showed up I was able not to burst into tears in front of him and freak him out.

After he left me his card, told me that we would be offered an incentive to move in thirty days from the time we signed paperwork with them, and told me not to pay not one more cent in rent he let me know he would be back by at the beginning of the week to meet with me again.

I came inside and immediately called our children's minister who has become a dear friend to us....I wanted to see since she knows just about everyone at our church if she knew of anyone renting places.  She prayed with me, cried with me, encouraged me, and told me how much she loved us.  I then called our realtor friend to find out what our rights were.  She told us to come meet with her and we would start looking into what we our options were.

We have gotten several calls from friends and church family asking how they can help, we are being prayed for by so many (I know what faith and the power of prayer can do, I am so thankful).  Our Sunday School class has rallied around us: one couple by the loan of their extra car to use for a while and another has a mobile home we can stay in on the way to Bandera if we can't find something here.

We went this week to meet with a realtor friend of ours....we were bummed by what we found out.  We didn't get credit cards because we never wanted to fall into that trap.  Well you have to have credit to get a home loan....they suggested a Sears card.  We need to establish a credit history but of course that will take time we don't have in this situation.

We just sent off an application to the USDA to see if we can get a home through their home program....not sure how long this process takes being that it is through the government.

We have switched tracks and are now thinking we will be renting for at least a little while till hopefully we can buy....we looked at four places after visiting with our friend.  We liked them all but there was one that was absolutely the perfect size for us :(

We have given this whole situation over to the Lord...we are praying for a home that fits us all and that is within our monthly budget, that has good heat and a/c, no plumbing problems, and well is just a good sound home to live in.

I am stressed but so not worried....I know how big my God is and he will see us through this mess!

I keep coming back to this verse given to me  in prayer by our children's minister....

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

I ask of you dear friends please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers and thanks in advance for doing so!!!!

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