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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yesterday was MOPS Monday so I didn't get to post...Simple Woman's Daybook January 11th Edition

For Today...(or yesterday ;)

Outside my window...looks like rain but I am loving the 57 degree temperature

I am thinking...that the mini workout from the Boot Camp for Babes trainer was great, I am a tad bit sore

From the learning rooms...getting caught up after her retreat and a few days of extra work she had last week

I am thankful for...the peace only the Lord can provide

From the kitchen...nothin' but, I think there are some sweet rolls left for tomorrow

I am wearing...t-shirt and loungin' pants

I am reading...just recently finished The Shack and I LOVED it!!!!

I am have a good meeting with our realtor friend tomorrow, please pray for us about that

I am creating...nothin', just finished six dozen soups in a jar for MOPS

I am praying...for the Lord to watch over our family during whatever happens with us moving

Around the is quiet

One of my favorite things...quiet ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week...meeting tomorrow, youth group for the girls', Thursday we will be gathering moving supplies and looking for houses I think, then Friday is cleaning and finishing school work up, this weekend I imagine we will start some packing, and Sunday (my favorite day of the week) will be church and family bible study.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with Christmas picture of my girls'

Mood: Good
Music: None
Weather: 57 degrees with some dark clouds and 30% chance of rain tonight
Exercise: not today....still sore from yesterday
Random thought: Sometimes people do crazy makes my mind spin some times :(
Dinner: Pork Chops, grilled zucchini, and corn


  1. Oh Heather we are praying for your house situation. How's it going? What can we do for you? I love you my friend! Lisa~

  2. It isn't going as well as we would like...I am fixing to post more about what we have learned this week. For now just prayer and maybe we can all get together soon for some fun cause as this all comes down I may need it.
    :) Heather


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