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Sunday, January 3, 2010

This time of year gets me thinking....

As the new year rolls around I start to think about how the new year will be different than the previous year.  I don't make resolutions however; I do set a small list of goals I would like to work on.  I don't even look at them with the idea of accomplishing them so much as working towards them over the year.  It is good to see where I am with them progress wise after a year's time.  This year I have a few:

1.  One hour (min.) of quiet devotional time each day
2.  Potty train Busy Body
3.  Get finished with this school year for KK by the time her sisters' are out of public school for the summer
4.  Get in 3-5 workouts a week (right now this is my walking regimen that with this cold weather is suffering)
5.  Keep up my water and vitamin intake
6.  Scrap book and or craft each week
7.  Get in girl time with my friends several times a month
8.  Have quiet time to myself each week
9.  Get in one weekly outing or activity with each of the girls'
10. Go out on a date with DH at least twice a month

Mood: Stiff (neck has been bothering me for over a week now grrrrrrrrr)
Weather: BRRRR 50 degrees and dusk
Music: None
Dinner: Chicken Soup and Turkey/Swiss sandwiches
Random thought: Changing the girls' rooms so that the older two have their own and the younger two share is gonna be great and not so great at the same time :)
Exercise: Cleaning was all that got done today since one it is Sunday and two my neck is deciding to annoy me

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