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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wow what a whirlwind of a week......

My KK turned 17 this week and WOW O WOW what an amazingly fast week it was.  It was so full and I hope awesome for her!!  There was also a bit of stress on her actual day but, we are looking back on it now with grateful hearts.  We are glad the Lord had us in the right place to help a dear friend at the right time.  Monday was a get ready for the week with cleaning and then regular choir and community choir practices for her.  Tuesday we got some deep cleaning done...bathrooms, fridge, cabinets reorganized, microwave and counters scrubbed.  Wednesday was dinner with her BFF's and her sweet new boyfriend at the nice new Bella Vita was really nice and the food was good too.  Thursday was her actual birthday and we planned to spend it with her other BFF "the boy"....we love this guy, he is the silly, zany, sweet, adored by every kid I have ever seen him come in contact with son I never got.  We got going early stopped for a Frappe for KK and a hot mocha for me then off to San Antonio we went.  We hit Ross (we love that store), Target, Lifeway, and TJ Max.  Then we went to lunch at Hu of my and KK's favorite places.  We were finishing up lunch and sipping our ice tea when "the boy" started to not feel well.  We ended up in the ER with the Dr.'s discharging him unable to find out why he got light headed and almost passed out on us a few times.  I am thinking he might have been suffering from some heat stroke....thankfully he is feeling fine now.  It is weird when something like that happens and then turns out everything is fine.  We are so grateful to have been with him as he may have passed out while driving!!!!  Then we came home where Daddy was making her the birthday dinner she requested and of course for her it was Chinese (she thought it was awesome she got to eat it twice in one day :).  Then we opened presents, she blew out the candles, and we had carrot cake for dessert.  We had been so busy and running on adrenaline dealing with "the boy" that we both were out by 9:30pm.  Friday was lunch at Mickey D's to enjoy the playscape, then a movie and stay over night at her BF "L"'s house.  Saturday was lunch with "L", helping set up for the choir for our combined Easter service, and then she had to babysit.  Last night she didn't get in till 9:30pm and headed straight to bed.  Combined service day means no Sunday school and that it starts later than usual as well.  So we all got to sleep in, have breakfast, and head to service.  Today my dear friend Lisa sang at service as was so beautiful and always brings me joy to see her!!  We are under some overcast skies right now so even though the girls' have had two egg hunts we are gonna do an indoor one set up by the older girls' here in about an hour before we have our special Easter dinner.  Hopefully tomorrow morning will be nice so KK and I can get in our walk....we have so been enjoying getting back to that lately!!

Mood: Beautiful day of resurrection...thinking about what the Lord and Savior did for me!!
Weather: Sun is trying to come out, it is overcast and 74 degrees
Music: None we are watching Peter Cottontail
Dinner: Glazed Ham, Potatoes, and Green Beans with Hershey's Turtle Pie for dessert
Random Thought: My girls' made the best of the weather with an indoor egg hunt
Exercise: None today hopefully back to our walk tomorrow morning :)

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