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Saturday, October 23, 2010

There is LOADS going on around our house right now....

lots and lots of change!  Most of it is utterly painful for me and the family.  We are holding it together, we are building each other up in struggle, and we are licking our wounds (emotionally not literally ;)  I am spending most of my days trying to be "the rock" for my girls' (no, not the pro wrestler/actor).  I am spending my evenings/ down time in prayer that is never ceasing.  God is so good to me even in this time of what has felt over the last four days like the worst time in my life.  I have had loads of struggle and buckets of pain in my past but, this season is just about got me in over my head.  I tend to retreat within myself and not share what I am thinking with friends during times of extreme pain.  I am learning through my growth in my walk with the Lord that taking that route is not good for me.  I am not ready to share all the messy details but I am ready to ask that those that read my blog and those that know me IRL pray for peace of mind, that my heart not ache so much over time, and that the Lord and I continue to talk things through till this all is resolved.  I know the Lord has me in his hands and his plans for all this are greater than I could ever imagine even in all this pain.   I took this from a comment my dear friend Sara made on another dear friends blog (Grateful for Grace).  It really says it all!!!!

If we were able to see the end from the beginning the way God can we would choose His way every time – no matter how painful it might seem in the “now” we would recognize it as the best way.

Mood: Saddened
Weather: Hoping it is getting ready to rain, rain, rain
Dinner: Baked Chicken
Music: Toddler songs
Exercise: Cleaning and Organizing :)
Random Thought:  Life has to move forward even when we want it to stand still!!

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