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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tuesday evening....Community Christmas Walk

DH was working so I decided to take the girls' (and our youth pastor's sweet daughter L) and see what the walk was all about.  It started in our church with singing, prayer, and a short talk from Impact's pastor.  Then we crossed North St. and headed to the Presbyterian church (now the back story about this night is that my little girls' had to go to the bathroom at every church...they voted the Presbyterian church's the best bathroom LOL).  This stop had more carols sung, the Christmas story read by their youth, beautiful hand bell playing, prayer, and a short talk by their pastor.  Then since it was finally dark we followed the beautiful candle light across the corner to the Assembly of God church.  There were more carols, prayer, an intro from their pastor, a short talk by another area pastor, and a special guest singer who sang more beautiful carols with us.  Then we crossed Main St. (blocked off by our boys' in blue) to head over to Notre Dame Catholic Church.  The rock work and exposed beams were so gorgeous!!!!  We sang another few songs, prayed with their priest, had a reading from their lector, then a talk from FUMC's pastor.  Then we headed up the block to St. Peter's Episcopal Church...we heard their preschoolers sing several songs, they were so precious.  We heard one more passage reading, sang one last carol, and prayed with their pastor.  Then we went to a cookie and cider reception in their meeting hall which of course the girls' loved :)  It was so wonderful to be surrounded by God's people of several denominations, see some of my friends kids' perform, and enjoy the beauty of the evening with my girls'!!

Mood: Festive
Weather: 66 degrees, slightly windy, and partly cloudy...will make for a nice walk :)
Dinner: Pork Chops, ranch potatoes, and peas
Music: None
Exercise: 3m walk and Hip Hop Abs
Random Thought: Man oh man the weather this week is gonna be CRAZY....supposed to reach almost 80 degrees this week.  So weird for December!!

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