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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My 35th Birthday (February 4th)....

Whew.... yeah I am just blogging about it now cause I haven't slowed down all week.  This is the first year where in my thought process my age has crossed my mind.  The actual number that I officially middle aged yet?  What is our average lifespan considered these days?...mind you I know I have exactly as many days as the good Lord gives me.  I am in my thirties grateful in a different way for each of those days too...than say I was in my twenties.  I had such a blessed and happy birthday this year!!!  My sweety had a beautiful cake (and super yummy too) made for me by one of his co-workers.  My dear "Mommy Person" gave me the most gorgeous and fragrant (they are still filling the house) star gazer lillies and Godiva truffles....she so knows my love language!!  Our three girls' spoiled me rotten as well, pics to come as soon as I find my camera cord.  I got a new dress and belt with sparkly buckle to wear to my birthday dinner.  Ohh and Diva being the diva decided it just wouldn't do for me not to have some super cute new boots to go with it.  Busy Body got me a necklace and earring set to go with my dress.  Love Bug got me a a whole chocolate pearl jewelry set....been wanting them forever.  DH husband spoiled me to the extreme by taking the day over the top with dinner out at the new Japanese place with our Sunday School teacher, her husband, daughter, and her daughter's fiance.  We had a blast and the food/entertainment was excellent!!!!  I thought  the day couldn't get any better.  I was gratefully and happily wrong!!  DH also got me the cricut machine and camera I have had my little eye on. I just kept saying to myself..."You don't need those, there are so many other things to get done/pay for.  I am loving my cricut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have started on 2011's Christmas cards so I will be finished way before the holiday crunch.  I also helped Diva with her scrapbook for English class, it is so much fun to get to spend time with her and craft.  So right after all these festivities my Diva went and got sick on us :(  The first day we thought stomach bug but, on day two the aches and congestion started so that ruled that out.  She seems to be doing better this evening and we are planning on sending her back to school tomorrow.  Now she is doing like me and dealing with sinus issues (she did not enjoy the neti pot...didn't lean far enough forward ewwwww lol).  All of this and add in and ice/slush day off from school and well I need some calgon to take me they even make that stuff anymore??  Ohhh well I'll just settle for a warm shower and falling into bed instead :)  Nothing like snuggling under my big comforter and quilt on a cold night!!

Dinner: Stuffed burgers and steak fries
Music: None
Weather: 25 degrees and clear skies
Mood: Time for some shut eye
Exercise: Have been missing my walks and haven't worked out with the sickie at home to care for, back to Hip Hop Abs tomorrow
Random Thought: Now I have gone and done it....gonna have to see if they still make Calgon, curiosity is killing me LOL :)

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