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Thursday, February 17, 2011

There are gifts daily from the Lord....

Sometimes the best ones come in the form of the people he places into your life.  This past Monday on Valentine's Day no less we had our monthly MOPS meeting.  I adore these women!!  They encourage me, pray for me, make me feel like it is o.k. that I am not actually Super Woman, and best of all for me....we have fun and laugh together.  Each month a day or two before the meeting I start telling Busy Body that we are getting ready to go to "Our" MOPS play date.  It is so much fun for me that I feel as if I am getting play time too.  Our craft for this month wasn't a craft at all.  We did our annual Swap Shop which is always such a success!!  Anyone who wants to clean out closets and dressers this is the time of year we do it.  We end up with tables upon tables of kids' clothes, shoes, toys, and books.  This year we added maternity clothes as well.  Any big items that are brought we raffle off...this year there was bedding and  a toddler bed.  We always have breakfast, door prizes, ice breaker games, and mentor moments.  We pray together, plan upcoming GNO's, palydates at the park, and game nights.  We always have a speaker come talk to us about anything from raising our kiddos, or health, building a Godly marriage, and more smoothly running our homes. This months speaker was one of my very dear friends Lisa Pennington...she is the mother of nine ages twenty down to two.  She had loads of practial ways to make our homes more peaceful while raising obedient Godly children.  She made us laugh and know it is o.k. that we aren't perfect....whew I needed to hear that!!  All in all it was a truly awesome MOPS Monday and I am just so grateful to God for the women he has put in my path!!!!!!! 

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this group of women!  They are a balm to my soul.  Let me give in return to them the encouragement they have given me.  Help me to always show them the kindness and love they have shown me.  Take care of each of them Lord as they wake up and do this job called Mommy today.  Let them feel recharged and ready to conquer another bright day with their precious children.  May they feel blessed and encouraged each day Lord knowing you.  Thank you for the gift of them Lord. Thank you Lord for Lisa and her courage to speak to us.  Thank for giving her the words to say to us Lord.  Thank you for her period Lord....what a wonderful friend she is with such a heart for others.  She truly is a treasure and I am so glad you placed her in my path!!!!  Keep her and her precious family held tightly in your embrace, that they may ever feel you Lord.   In Jesus name I pray...Amen

Mood: Not fully awake but loving the quiet of my house
Music: None
Dinner: No idea...maybe chicken nuggets and fries ;)
Weather: 62 degrees and cloudy...YAY
Exercise: Off day
Random Thought: Mmmmmm coffee sounds good, think I'll go make some :)


  1. I am just catching up an my blog reading. Your MOPS group is such a great group of women. I loved meeting them!

    What will you do when your kids have outgrown it? Can you be an honorary member? Or is there another group for post MOPS members? :) Lisa~

  2. There is another group that is in it's begining stages called Moms Next. We don't have one here yet but, I really hope one gets started cause I would hate to loose hanging out at MOPS with my friends!!!!


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