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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"What we did on vacation"....Part 2

Day 2 began with our breakfast...the kids' had waffle making down by the end of the trip for sure.  I stuck with biscuits with gravy or bagels with cream cheese.  Once we were all ready, snack bag loaded, and camera with us.  We turned on "Dora" (the girls' named her Dora because Daddy actually loaded Dora the Explorer as our guide on the screen....we all liked Squirrely the squirrel best though) our new GPS and headed about an hour from the hotel (very pretty drive too) to Glen Rose Texas.  Home of the Fossil Rim Safari and Dino World.  Which were our destinations for the day....I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  We got our tickets and headed up the dirt road to find some animals.....below is what we saw.

Awwww baby :)
Wild turkey...extra animal they said we might see

Axis...also an extra animal to watch for of only three animals that were fenced in.

This was SO funny to watch...young giraffe that knew how to work it.  He stopped after this car and let the food come to him :)  This lady was freaking out cause he just shoved his head right in...we were laughing at him.

The deer, zebras, and giraffe's got the closest to us.

Here he comes...Busy Body was a tad scared at first then she felt his sand paper tongue and she said "Ewww gross, that was cool Daddy can we feed him again"??

As tall as an Emu :)

Ewwwww gross he slimed me  HA HA HA :)

Dani's favorite...what a way to spend the day :)

Desert Tortoise...he almost disappears

Tall as a Cheetah :)


Bet they can really strip down a tree

Wow they really are super tall...says the shorty ;)

I'm as tall as a Zebra

Love those horns they are too cool!

Hello Deer...they were so sweet

Such a beautiful bright green....wanted to love on him

Reminds me of Gertrude our pet pot belly....they have such interesting personalities

This whole place is ran only on admission fees and donations

So beautiful

These animals are way happy and lazy :)

Wilde beast...they were the most active, running and bucking

I'd have to say I really loved watching the Momma and her baby....this was such a neat experience!!

At the half way point there is a picnic area, petting zoo, and gift shop.  We took the kids' to pet the animals...mostly goats.  This was where we saw the tortoise, piggy, and parrot as well.  Then we had lunch....picnic style.  Chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, and chips.  We came the rest of the way through and finished off our bag of food by giving it to the Zebras.  Then it was time to head to Dino World about 15-20 min. away.  This was one of two stops in the whole vacation that made our Love Bug tell us how awesome we are to have as parents.  She is our science and dinosaur fanatic so Dino World was like heaven on earth for her.  She could tell us facts about most of the dino's before we ever got to a sign.  Our Busy Body however; was more impressed by the baby dino trash cans....ha ha ha.  She would run up to each one and hug it :)

Can you believe the bathroom wall??

How does she manage to look so pretty even in a dino mouth??

Woo Hoo...going for a ride

Bet those spikes on his tail would hurt!

Their coming...everybody run Ahhhhhhh

Talk about a bad hair day LOL

DH said he would have been fun to ride to school :)

I think he would make a great slide

Whoever made these guys needed a!

These guys are small...I am sure size is deceiving though

The herd is on the move...

These guys are ugly....a face only their mother could love

I wear my sunglasses.....

All kinds at the watering hole...

Boys' bathroom wall...
All the girls' liked this....

They got to each keep three of the fossils to bring home....some of them were as slick as marble and really pretty


My fam....gettin their dig on :)

Love those trash cans :)

Hang on Love Bug....

New setting on my it :)

My favorite Momma and Love Bug picture ever!!!  She had me put on Busy Body's glasses cause I couldn't find mine :)

My favorite :)

Showing us the way in....

Love Bug's out girls' he looks mad
Diva and Busy Body.....BB would love to have one of these at home I think, not going Dino with decor though ;) :)
After this we were all starved so we headed back to town and grabbed a quick dinner.  We have made a rule that while on vacation when it's time to eat we do so at a restaurant that we don't have at home.  So for dinner it was Burger King...yummo.  Girls' played on the indoor playground and had it all to themselves which was kinda cool.  We headed back to the hotel for baths and some relaxing before bed.  Diva and I got in a work out at the hotel gym and then nice hot showers....we all were zonked out pretty early YAY!  Stayed tuned for day three....


  1. Were the prices at dino world expensive?

  2. Umm I don't believe may be able to look it up online though. For us being that Love Bug is such a dinosaur nut I think we would have paid extra. She had the best time and was SO appreciative that we made an outing all about her :)


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