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Saturday, April 2, 2011

"What we did on vacation"....Part 3

Day 3-Tuesday does not have too many pics as we did Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington) and I didn't take my camera in only my cell.  We also stopped at a local park to do some geocaching....sadly someone else either beat us to it or we all just couldn't find it.  The park was pretty though so it was fine.  It was a chalk full day though....we are roller coaster junkies (even with DH's mild problem with heights) and our first mission was to make a bee-line for a coaster.  DH and I road the totally indoor, in the dark coaster-of course I would forget it's name.  That was pretty much our only big people ride of the day.  Then we got Diva and Busy Body on anything they could ride.  Love Bug rode the kiddie coaster with myself and her sisters'.  I forgot it had probably been when we visited the park last, when she was five since she had ridden any rides.  She wasn't feeling it so, I tried to hang back and just be with her.  There were LOADS of people at the park but the flow was better than the zoo (see part 4) for sure.  We ate the pizza family deal in the park for lunch and played some "winner every time" midway games which the younger girls' totally love.  We left the park and headed to Golden Corral for dinner....buffet is the way to go with us, we like a little bit of everything!!  Then we decided some bowling was in order.  Busy Body tanned our hides in 2 out of 3 games.  The weather was great and the day went at a leisurely vacation days like this!!!!
Six Flags over Texas-Arlington

Pffffft :)

She is so cute!!

Love my girls'

Going into Six Flags....

My family Spring Break 2011

Pretty park :)

Crazy Diva....he he he

Love this Ferris Wheel...



Driving....this was all she really wanted to do all day

Hi there Momma :)

Going for a ride with Daddy

Squidy, Squidy.....

Momma gets squidy too :)

Super Girl.......da da daaaaaaa

Love you maun.....


  1. Love the squid hat...perfect for a bad hair day...and Mike so makes a great YaMaun!

    My girls looked like they were all having a blast....wish I could have been there, but seeing these pics makes it come alive for me!


  2. More installments to come ;)

  3. Wow--I admire anyone (over the age of thirty) who goes on a roller coaster on purpose! (My son dragged me on one a few years ago and I've never recovered.) :-)

    So nice to see a family having such fun family time!

  4. Love reading your vacation highlights. Love the pictures, I can't believe how big the girls are!

    I like the new look on the blog. The yellow letters are kind of hard to read against the white. But everything else is mahhh-velous. :) Lisa~

  5. Noticed the yellow when Grrlaine said she couldn't find the link to older posts. So I am thinking maybe a blue or hot pink color change is in order. Mike helped me with the header which of course made me need a some what matching back ground ;)

  6. Thanks Becky for the comment...followed back to your beautiful blog to see how we "know" each other. Still lovin' the pics....what kind of camera do you use??


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