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Friday, February 1, 2013

The LUUUUUUVE Month...

has begun, I break out the red, pink, and heart shaped stuff usually today.  Unless DS feels generous enough to go get it out of storage it is waiting til Sunday when he is off work.  I would say I am at about 80% now and things are getting done.  I have the energy to go til about 7 or 8pm now and then it is mandatory down time.  I have gotten a craft I was wanting to start under way...calendar in a box as I am calling it. It will be kinda slow going the first year but, in a few years it will be nice to look back and see what we did each day.  Hoping to get post cards from friends to use as my monthly dividers to make it more personal. I have loved that it is still cold in the evenings (even though it has approached 80 degrees here during the day several times this week) so I can still warm/cozy up with my crock pot soups and stews.  Was able after shopping around and finding great clearance to get all three girls' presents from us for next Christmas to put away in storage. YAY!!  I have started my MIL's shopping but, want to look for some specific things too.  DS is always the hardest so I usually pick up things for him on the fly which tends to work well for hiding purposes as well.  I love getting the bulk of the shopping done around this time because then if I see a thing or two over the year I can grab it and put it back.  This is also great for birthday shopping as well...which I have two of the three girls' done for that already too.  Diva will be spending her birthday this year in Spain so I think in lieu of presents we are just gonna give her spending money for her trip.  As for the month of love my DS always makes sure I get flowers which is a language I adore as well as some yummy chocolate.  I am so spoiled and adored that Valentine's day is fun but, we don't make too much of a deal out of it.  This year we might try to go out to dinner though...we are still undecided.  So how about you Valentine's Day, love it or hate it?

Mood: Loving my nice quiet house
Exercise: Hoping my cough is totally gone so I can get back to a regular workout besides my walk
Dinner: we are making pizza tonight
Music: None
Weather: Very windy but, sunny
Random Thought: ooooo I also got the littles a few outfits/their new swim suits for our Spring Break trip on the cheap today too.

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