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Thursday, February 7, 2013

10 things I've always wanted to do that I haven't done (yet)

Number 1:Read the Bible cover to cover

Number 2: Learn a foreign language

Number 3: Taking dance lessons

Number 4: Take in-depth cooking classes

Number 5: Have a girls' only vacay with my Bestie

Number 6: Finish my degree

Number 7: Own my dream car 66' Mustang convertible

Number 8: See all my girls' graduate and head off to the lives of their choosing happy and knowing they were loved well!!

Number 9: Get back to my "fighting weight" and stay there

Number 10: Travel (and the list is LONG) all over with my DS...the traveling done here in the states in an RV home with our dogs :)

Mood: Got a bunch done today so....satisfied
Music: None watching Life Today as I type
Dinner: Mickey D's cause we thought DS was going to practice
Exercise: None today was supposed to rain...they lied
Weather:  Well it acted like it was gonna give us some good rain then it turned into a sunny 78 degree day
Random Thought: Well intentioned people are so sweet and God bless them for sharing their concern, what would I do without those who really want to pour into me??

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