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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Normal is....

A face book message from a friend got me thinking...what's normal in our world (as in our family life).  What does normal look like for you??  For us we have things that have to be done every week and then things that are apart of who we are as a family.  I try to keep us on track as far as house upkeep, projects, home work, and socializing for the kiddos.  We have animals that take maintaining which also makes for a good teaching tool for the girls'.  Kids' have youth group each week which is a great infusion to the middle of the week.  DS has praise band practice and of course the occasional extra meeting/event up at the church that he is involved in weekly.  Middle of the week while they are at youth group is either get caught up on a project, girl time with my MIL, maybe a dinner out with a girlfriend, down time cause it's been a busy week, or usually some combo of the above.  Normal for a select period of time right now for me also includes my online Bible study group which has really sparked some great discussions.  I am doing my satellite church on two different campuses because I like them both so much I can't decide on just one.  I listen to my weekly Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and Joyce Meyer talks which gives me strong ladies to learn from.  I am trying to make sure I keep up with my daily online and one book I have here at home.  I love to keep learning new things so that is always something I try to seek out each week.  Something that I also work on each week no matter how big or small is individual time with each of my girls'.  If that is a movie with me, a craft project, or just running errands I try to make sure we do something just us gals'.  Normal when the weather around here cooperates is walking/working out.  I love it even more when I can walk with one of my girlfriends at the walking trail.  It becomes the best of both worlds....feeling good from the exercise and from the fellowship.  Lately though normal has been that it is 50 degrees or below in the morning so my trail walking has been nonexistent.  I have been getting in my afternoon walk when it has warmed up to go get the little's from school.  I am enjoying after the flu getting out in the fresh air and sunshine.  Unfortunately in the last few weeks normal has been trying to get the flu and it's after effects to go away too.  Our energy levels are the thing that seems to still be out of whack.  I am probably running at about 80%.  Hoping shortly we will all be back to normal in that area as well cause we are all just wiped and that's not our normal for sure!!  So what does normal look like for your family??

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